What is a Water Filtration System?

What’s in your drinking water? This is a question that not many people really know the answer to. From minor impurities to illness-causing bacteria, your drinking water might contain all manner of contaminants. Luckily, you can purchase a water filtration system to remove impurities and keep your water tasting and smelling great. We offer a wide range of Simply Green water filtration systems for your use. These water purification systems are energy efficient and offer a great chance to improve the health and safety of your home.

An Overview of Water Filtration Systems

So what is a water filter system and how can it help your home? A typical home water filtration system connects to your home’s main water supply. From there, it uses carbon filters to remove dangerous impurities as the water flows through your pipes and into your sinks, cups, and showers. In addition to improving the overall taste of drinking water, a water filtration system also reduces bad odors and softens the water, removing minerals that can cause your skin to get dry and rough after bathing or showering. Many people with old homes opt for water filtration systems in Canada as a simple and cost-effective way to improve their overall water quality without having the undergo a major home improvement.

Why Upgrade?

Why should you look into home water purification systems? The simply answer is a matter of health and safety. The best water filtration system options on the market today can filter out well over 90% of impurities in water. This improves the color, taste, and smell of water. That means that a well-installed home water filtration system can make your drinking water taste better, make showers more enjoyable, and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. The best home water filtration system choices also help reduce the chance of illness due to waterborne bacteria. In the Toronto area, old homes and pipes often lead to excess minerals in water. Thus, water purification systems in Toronto are both useful and popular.

Simply Green Water Filtration Products

The best water filter system products on the market today come from Simply Green, which specializes in energy efficient and environmentally friendly options for homes. With a large selection of products that can accommodate any size of home, you can choose the best whole house water filtration system for your needs, whether it is a small filter that helps your drinking water or a larger filter system that cleans water for your whole house.

Cost isn’t much of a factor thanks to the energy efficiency of the water filtration system for your house and the fact that you can rent the equipment to lessen the immediate financial impact. We offer the best Simply Green whole home water purification systems for Canadian residences. With affordable prices, strong support, and easy installation policies, we provide you with everything you need to improve the quality of your home’s water right away. If you want cleaner water and a healthier family, reach out to us right away.

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My family and I just had a water Filter and Air Filter installed in our home. We noticed the difference right away, the taste of the water and freshness of the air were obvious to my 4-year old. Thanks Simply Green your help.


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I've always wanted high efficiency and was happy to be able to afford it. The only way to go as far as I'm concerned. The install team was focused and I was happy they came in and got the job done in a timely manner. I'm happy to make a green decision.


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We recently had an air filter installed and didn't even realize we needed one until we had one. It came to a point where we just accepted the odor of 2 dogs. Walking into my house now you wouldn't even know I had any pets. Recommended for any pet owner.

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