Why Upgrade Your Water Filters?

Many homes lack a water filter system, which prevents them from removing certain impurities in their drinking water. Others have water filters in place, but the age of the system means that they no longer have the best water filter options available. If you want to upgrade your Canadian household to a system that is energy efficient, affordable, and beneficial in the long term, then it is well past time that you looked into the available water filters in Canada.

Improving Water Quality Standards

While every municipal water source in Canada has to meet certain standards, there are fewer regulations concerning the piping going into your home. As the water flows through your pipes, it can pick up all manner of minerals and bacteria before going through your taps and into your drinking water. A modern tap water filter, such as a Pur water filter, helps to remove those impurities right away. This makes your drinking water safe, but it doesn’t remove minerals that might make your skin feel scratchy after a shower. For such needs, a whole house water filter can soften and cleanse your water supply. For added water quality, you can combine a whole home system with a carbon water filter for extra cleanliness.

What’s in Your Pipes?

When you consider whether you need a water filter for home as a whole or just for your taps, think about how you feel after a shower. If you have soft water already and your skin feels smooth after bathing, a simple Pur water system in Canada might be all you need for better tasting tap water. On the other hand, if you suffer from hard water problems like many Toronto homes, then you should strongly consider a whole house water filter in Canada. A water filter system for home attaches right to your water source and removes harmful irritants such as chlorine, chemical scum, and mineral deposits. This will make your skin feel softer and healthier after bathing.

Where to Get a Whole Home Water Filter

We offer a wide array of Simply Green whole home water filter products and options. Our selection allows you to choose the best water filter in Canada for the needs of your household. Cost doesn’t have to be a barrier, since you can rent the equipment and thus reduce the up-front fees that would otherwise prevent you from getting the best home water filter available. If you want new water filters in Toronto or the surrounding region, you have to look no further than our supply.

We provide the most environmentally friendly and cost effective selections out there.The house water filter you use can drastically improve your drinking water and the way your skin feels after bathing. The right choice here can make your home more comfortable for years to come, while the wrong choice means potential problems down the line. Reach out to us today and allow our expertise and wide selection work in your favor. After a single shower or glass of drinking water, you’ll be glad you did.

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My family and I just had a water Filter and Air Filter installed in our home. We noticed the difference right away, the taste of the water and freshness of the air were obvious to my 4-year old. Thanks Simply Green your help.


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I've always wanted high efficiency and was happy to be able to afford it. The only way to go as far as I'm concerned. The install team was focused and I was happy they came in and got the job done in a timely manner. I'm happy to make a green decision.


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We recently had an air filter installed and didn't even realize we needed one until we had one. It came to a point where we just accepted the odor of 2 dogs. Walking into my house now you wouldn't even know I had any pets. Recommended for any pet owner.

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