HEPA Air Filters

A whole home HEPA filter eliminates more than 99% of harmful particles in the air, which in turn reduces the chance of sickness and allergies in your home. The best air filter you can buy is a high efficiency HEPA air purifier, as this allows you to maximize the amount of cleaning you get for the money you spend. When you look into buying air filters, either online or in person, check with us first. We offer the best array of HEPA air filters for a home at an affordable price.

Features to Look For

We offer several excellent air filter for home options. Some features that you should look for, and which you can find in our air filter selection, include 3-stage HEPA air filters that can catch large particles like lint and dust moved by fans or vacuum cleaners. The HEPA air filter should also include a carbon filter, which helps to remove odors. This is essential if you have smokers or pets in the house, as those odors can fill the air and linger in a home for years if not properly filtered. Finally, the HEPA filter air purifier needs a media filter that can eliminate fine particles as small as 1/84,000 of an inch.

The Benefits of High Efficiency Air

The best HEPA air purifier is a high efficiency unit. These units can provide up to 90 whole-home air exchanges every day. That means that instead of breathing in stale air, the entire air supply in your home gets fully replaced with clean, fresh air almost four times in a 24 hour cycle. If you cook breakfast, you don’t have to worry about the smells from the morning lingering into the afternoon, nor do you need to worry about pet odors bothering your guests when you have company. If you suffer from allergies, the frequent cycling of the air can help relieve those. A high efficiency air filter can even help you sleep better, since you’ll be able to breathe better at night.

What to Look for in a HEPA Air Filter

To find the best possible HEPA air purifier in Canada, you need to consider both the manufacturer and the seller. The manufacturer needs to have a reputation for quality, a strong warranty plan, and readily available parts in case something breaks down. The existence of a strong service department is another plus. The seller needs to have a range of different products so you can find the best HEPA air cleaner for your home, a customer service department that is willing to listen to you and solve any problems, and affordable prices on all products.

We carry a wide range of filters from quality manufacturers and have great prices on HEPA air filters, making us an ideal solution. If you have trouble with allergies or just want to breathe easier in a household full of children and pets, a HEPA air filter is for you. We provide these filters at great affordability to all homes in Canada. Don’t hesitate – check out our selection today!

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My family and I just had a water Filter and Air Filter installed in our home. We noticed the difference right away, the taste of the water and freshness of the air were obvious to my 4-year old. Thanks Simply Green your help.


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I've always wanted high efficiency and was happy to be able to afford it. The only way to go as far as I'm concerned. The install team was focused and I was happy they came in and got the job done in a timely manner. I'm happy to make a green decision.


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We recently had an air filter installed and didn't even realize we needed one until we had one. It came to a point where we just accepted the odor of 2 dogs. Walking into my house now you wouldn't even know I had any pets. Recommended for any pet owner.

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